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Deutsch DT Series Connectors
Genuine Deutsch DT series connectors provide superior electrical properties and weather resistance in an attractive, economical and user friendly product. The Deutsch DT connector system is the preferred choice for many top NASCAR, IRL, CCWS, Formula 1, ALMS, Grand American Road Racing Association Racing Teams, and by leading manufactures due to its reliability, serviceability, and common terminal / crimper system.
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Receptacle Assembly
Deutsch Receptacle Image
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Deutsch Receptacle Pin Image
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Pins : Size 16, Receptacle requires 2 Pins
Deutsch Wedgelock for Receptacle/Pin Image
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WedgeLock - Receptacle

Plug Assembly
Deutsch Plug Image
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Deutsch Receptacle Pin Image
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Select Plug Contact
Sockets : Size 16, Plug requires 2 Sockets
Deutsch Wedgelock for Plug/Socket Image
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WedgeLock - Plug

Tools & Accessories
Receptacle Boot
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Receptacle Boots

Plug Boot
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Plug Boots

Receptacle Backshell
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Receptacle Backshells
Plug Backshell
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Plug Backshells

Plug Dust Caps
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Plug Dust Caps
Sealing Plugs
  Sealing Plugs for Contact Size 16
Sealing Plug
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Do I need Sealing Plugs?

In situations where the harness design requires that not all of the receptacle or plug cavities are being used, inserting sealing plugs into the empty cavities maintains the weather resistance characteristics of the finished assembly.

The DT series sealing plug will fit in both receptacle and plug cavities, and you need one for each side of your assembly.

Crimping Tools
  Crimping Tools for Contact Size: 16
Crimping Tool
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Deutsch Mounting Clips
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Mounting Clips
  Tooltip Help:
Selecting this option adds 1 extra "socket or pin" to your shopping list for each assembly you purchase. You may select this option to insure that you have enough parts even if one gets lost or damaged during your assembly process.
Wirecare proprietary colorization process permanently infuses color into standard Deutch products.

Contact Wirecare for other possible color options.