FVN0.00WT - Flyflex Instructional Tying Video - Tubular Braid Techniques

FVN0.00WT - Flyflex Instructional Tying Video - Tubular Braid Techniques
FVN0.00WT - Flyflex Instructional Tying Video - Tubular Braid Techniques

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #FVN0.00WT

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Flyflex Fishing Kits

FLEXO Flyflex™ Sleeving is the most unique new body material to enter the market in a long time. Endless design variations are possible. Everything from caddis fly larvae to crabs to minnows to squid, in all shapes and sizes can be crafted using FLEXO Flyflex™ body material. The secret to FLEXO Flyflex™ is the material's ability to expand up to 150% of its original diameter. This allows the tubing to be turned back on itself several times to build shape and movement into any bait design. With just a little pushing or pulling to set a shape, FLEXO Flyflex™ can expand to mimic the body shape and texture of virtually any baitfish and the braided filaments mimic the natural action of light and water against scales or skin. FLEXO Flyflex™ is tough and resilient, and is impervious to damage by salt water or ultraviolet radiation. The material is almost weightless and is suitable for both surface and deep water presentations.

Why Use Flyflex Sleeving?

FLEXO Flyflex™ is custom braided from individual filaments of advanced PET polymer, combined with other materials. The unique tubular construction allows the finished sleeve to expand up to 150% of it's original diameter. Since the material is both seamless and expandable, the sleeve can be manipulated in unique ways. It can be turned back onto itself to form strong tubular shapes that surround and hide hook shanks or eyes. It can be pushed and tied into sleek body shapes to resemble natural baitfish. It can expand to cover tapered or asymmetrical shapes to create poppers, plugs or spoons. When a fish strikes a FLEXO Flyflex™ body, the flexible material recedes away from the hook and allows deeper penetration and more consistent setting.

Product Specifications

Create Lures

The unique and flexible nature of Flexo braided sleeving makes it perfect for the body and main sections of flys, jigs, plugs, spinnerbait, worms, frogs, spoons, poppers, and other fishing lures. The shape of the flexo sleeving can be made round for crab lures, frayed for shrimp, loose to give the appearance of a worm, rounded for poppers, or made tight for minnow lures. In addition to shape and texture, the threaded nature of flexo allows hooks and needles to be easily threaded through, allowing for easy construction of fly as well as unique effects for hooks, feathers, and rubber legs to stick out exactly where desired.

The PET material of Flexo sleeving can be easily colored with markers, paint, or nail polish, allowing one to create unique patterns and color combinations as desired. Any materials and colors inside of the flexo body also come through the small holes in the flexo, allowing for complex and multi-layered color patterns, resembling the natural color patterns in fish bait. In addition to Flexo Flyflex kits, it is recommended to obtain other materials in order to make complete lures, including but not limited to: Fishing wire, barbell eyes, feathers, markers, glue, silly legs, hooks, rattlers, and flash.

DVD Contents

Learn the most effective techniques for working with FLEXO™ Flyflex™ expandable body material from the FLEXO™ Flyflex™ Instructional DVD. The DVD is narrated by Richard Whitner, one of the region's most noted fly tiers. Whitner's patterns have collected 11 IGFA saltwater world records, and he is the developer of the infamous FLEXO™ Crab. Techniques for tying the Crab, as well as several other unique and effective flies tied with FLEXO™ Flyflex™ expandable body material are demonstrated on this video. Whitner says the key ingredient to the Crab, and many of his other successful saltwater flies, is FLEXO™, the same braided mesh sleeving used in the manufacture of planes, cars and boats.

The DVD contains examples of 10 flies that can be created with Flyflex sleeving, and shows how to make them with step-by-step instructions. The lures explained and shown in the video are:

  • FLEXO™ Urchin
  • FLEXO™ Kiraw
  • FLEXO™ Minnow
  • FLEXO™ Popper
  • FLEXO™ Herring
  • FLEXO™ Lizard
  • FLEXO™ Grub
  • FLEXO™ Worm
  • FLEXO™ Dragonfly
  • FLEXO™ Crab

Each lure is shown using a specific color and size of Flexo Flyflex, however the sleeving used varies by the size of the intended fish and the colors that the crafter prefers. While most of these choices are about personal preference, in the Flyflex DVD Richard Whitner shows you the specific combinations and other variations that he personally has used to obtain award winning trout, bass, and red fish.

Additional Product Information

  • Provides Unique Effects on Applications
  • Resists Abrasion, Chemicals, and UV
  • Light Weight and Extra Thin
  • Cuts with Shears or Serrated Scissors
  • Conductive for Shielding Applications
  • Braided from .010" PET Mylar Strands
  • Melt Temp: 482°F (250°C)
  • Operating Temps: -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C).

Technical Specifications

Nominal Diameters (Fractions)0
Material TypePlastic

Total Price: $14.95

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