DBS-2200 - One Step Band App Tool, .125"

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Dbs 2200
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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $2,164.03

Total Price: $2,164.03

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #DBS-2200

Product Description

DMC Banding Tool


The One-Step Band Application Tools are built to SAE AS81306/1 specifications and designed to install M85049/128-3, M85049/128-4, M85049/128-7, and M85049/128-8 “stamped buckle” bands. These tools are constructed to survive the demands of production and maintenance use, and remain precisely adjusted to provide a quality band termination.

SIZE: 6.71" x 6.75" x .92"

WEIGHT: 1.02lbs




The tension-lock system gives the operator a positive indication when the precise tension has been applied. The cut-off handle easily cuts, bends, and locks the shield band in one step.


Step 1: Prepare the Connector and Cable Braid
Terminate wire/contact assemblies and insert them into the connector. Prepare the cable braid for band termination process.

Step 2: Prepare band
Using a 1⁄4” stamped buckle band, feed the end of the band through the narrow slot on the buckle twice until the indicator mark is within approximately .250” of the buckle slot. This will create a double looped band. Never use a single looped band with the DBS-2100. To hasten the termination process on smaller adaptors, pull on the end of the band to reduce the diameter of the loop.

Step 3: Insert looped band into tool
Squeeze the grey release lever on the DBS-2100 and insert the end of the band into the nose of the tool. Ensure the orientation of the band matches the graphic on the body of the tool.

Step 4: Tighten Band around Braid/Connector
Repeatedly squeeze black tensioner handle until the band starts to tighten around the assembly. As the band tightens with each stroke of the tensioner handle, use abbreviated strokes (half strokes) until the band is tight against the braided cable. Release the tensioner handle and allow it to open fully. Confirm that the band is positioned flat over the braid on the connector accessory, and with one final stroke, close the tensioner handle until it locks against the tool body. This indicates that the band has been tightened to the pre-calibrated tension.

The following instructions apply only if the band must be removed or repositioned.
To loosen or remove the looped band prior to locking the tensioner handle at the pre- calibrated tension, squeeze the release lever and pull the looped band away from the nose of the tool. To loosen or remove the looped band after locking the tensioner handle at the pre- calibrated tension, squeeze the tensioner handle and push the tension-lock lever forward. While holding the tension-lock lever forward, release the tensioner handle. The tensioner handle will open fully. Squeeze the release lever and pull the looped band away from the nose of the tool.

Step 5: Cut off excess band material
Once the tensioner handle is locked in place, squeeze the blue cut-off handle to finish the termination process. Ensure that the connector assembly is free to rotate slightly during this cut-off step. Both handles will open up on their own when tension is released by the cut.

Step 6: Remove excess band material
Squeeze the grey release lever. While squeezing the release lever, carefully pull on the excess band material, and slide it out of the tool and discard.

Step 7: Inspect the Termination
Visually inspect the termination made by the DBS-2100.

Total Price: $2,164.03

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