CD-BR - Bluelounge CableDrop - Cable Management, Bright, 6 pk

CD-BR - Cable Management Cable Drop Bright (6 pieces)

Unit Price: $9.95

Total Price: $9.95

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #CD-BR

Product Description


BlueLounge Saidoka - CableDrop Mini

Fixed behind your desktop, on your nightstand or even onto the wall, anywhere you wish to keep cables temporarily held in place, CableDrop and CableDrop Mini provide the perfect solution to keep your cables where you want them. CableDrops gently grasp your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug

Product Specifications

Holds Wires & Cords Where You Want Them!

The modern bedroom, office, and household features a plethora of wires and cables for various devices. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and many more devices require cables to charge power, connect to other devices, or sync to a network or computer. The Cable Drop from Bluelounge was created with this in mind, designed to keep all of your necessary cords and cables from dropping behind desks, falling on the floor, or getting lost in cable bundles. When the CableDrop is installed in your bedroom or office, USB cords and other cables will always be within reach and neatly organized.

Size, Color, and Location are in your control!

The design of CableDrop allows you customize your cable and office management. Pick a color that blends into your room, or one that sticks out. Place your CableDrop in plain sight, or hidden behind furniture.The options are endless with two sizes of CableDrop, multiple colors, and multiple CableDrops in each pack. You can even use the CableDrop to hold other items, such as earbuds, toothbrushes, pens, power cords, and more! The possibilities are endless when you use CableDrop.


Additional Product Information

  • Holds cords in place for easy access.
  • Prevents cables and wires from falling out of reach.
  • Attractive design and colors to match any room.
  • Quickly creates a secure hold on cords.
  • Can also be used to hold pens, toothbrushes, and other items.
  • Adhesive on back to allow a secure installation to desired surface.
  • 1.15 inch diameter (29 mm)
  • Designed for large or medium sized connectors and cables.
  • Comes in a package of 6.
  • Also available in Mini Size.

Total Price: $9.95

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