CS-PT-CC2X-B - Cable Corral Jr. 2-Way Under Desk Cable Manager - Black


Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $20.94

Total Price: $20.94

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #CS-PT-CC2X-B

Product Description


Wirerun Cable Corral Under Desk Cable Tray

This cable management solution is designed to be mounted under desks, tables, or anywhere you will need to safely cradle loose cables, power strips, speakers or anything you want to keep up off the floor. It attaches easily to the underside of your desk to tuck away all the stuff that gets in the way and will help deter accidental kicking.


Installation Tips

1. Peel off the backing on each piece of two‐way adhesive foam and attach to each leg of the Cable Corral.

2. Position the Cable Corral under your desk in a location where all cords and cables will reach.

3. Drive a self‐tapping screw through the mounting hole in each leg, through the adhesive foam and into the bottom surface of the desk.

4. Be careful not to over tighten the screws, especially when mounting to particle board or other composite materials.

Additional Product Information

  • This versatile basket screws into the bottom of any desk or table top to conceal and control cables, wires, power strips power supplies and more. The base of the tray is 12" long and from end to end is 18" long
  • The edges can be use as hooks to hang extra cords, wind up cords or even for holding a purse or brief case
  • Easy installation, just screw in fours screws (included) and you can start organizing in seconds
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally to a wall or desk support

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $20.94

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