UTW-CL8-WH - UT Wire - 8 ft. Cordline, 2-Way Cord Channel, White, Paintable

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Product Details

UT Wire
Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $19.99

Total Price: $19.99

Product Details

ManufacturerUT Wire
Manufacturer Part #UTW-CL8-WH

Product Description

UT Wire

8 ft. Cordline, 2-Way Cord Channel, White, Paintable

1 Cord Channel, 2 ways to organize. Method 1: Slim Configuration- Cordline can be used as a small capacity cord channel to conceal and organize smaller grouping of cords.
Method 2: Wide Configuration - Cordline can also be converted into a large capacity cord channel to hide larger groupings of cords on the wall.

TVs and other electronics mounted on walls look great. Their cables hanging freely from the walls, less so. Running the cables behind the wall may be one solution, but how many have the luxury or want to go through the hassle? For simpler wall cable management, the Cordline is a versatile cable concealer that can be painted to match your decor. Fold this cord cover in half for a slimmer channel for fewer wires or cut it in half to use the two pieces for the wide configuration. Installation requires no tools, only tape! No need to sacrifice the visual flow anywhere anymore with unsightly wall cables.

Additional Product Information

  • Use Method 1 or Method 2 (above) depending on the capacity of cords.
  • (2)If needed, cut Cordline to desired length.
  • (3)Apply tape first to the Cordline.
  • (4)Clean and dry area of the wall.
  • (5)Peel off liner from tape and apply Cordline firmly to the wall for at least 30 seconds.
  • (6)Wait 15 minutes before inserting cables.
  • (7)For detailed instructions, please download pdf guide or watch installation video above.

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $19.99

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