KLIP-BK - Versiklipp Scaffold/Pipe Clips for Wire and Cable Management, Black - 5 piece pack

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Klip bk back
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Klip bk backKlip bk front
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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $18.20

Total Price: $18.20

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #KLIP-BK

Product Description


Originally designed for quick fixing of banners, brick guards, debris sheeting and cables to from scaffolding, Klipp-it® can also used for quick, easy wire and cable management on jobsites. Kilpp-it® features one large channel that snaps over standard 1 3/4" scaffolding structure, two 5/8" channels to accommodate wires and cables, and three smaller channels that accept edging banner strips. This quality product is able to be used many times over with proper handling. . By using Klipp-it® you will replace many single use applications, such as cable ties or tiewire, and thereby improving your environmental footprint.


  • Klipp-it® has no moving parts.
  • Simple to remove and engage.
  • Practical and robust for working in the demands of industry.
  • Unlike many single use applications such as cable ties. Klipp-it® improves H&S as workmen do not require to use knives or cutters to remove.
  • Klipp-it® is a stock item. An essential part of your scaffolding inventory which can be depreciated over the length of use.
  • Klipp-it® can be applied to both horizontal and vertical tubes.
  • Klipp-it® is reusable and recyclable

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $18.20

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