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360 Electrical
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Product Details

Manufacturer360 Electrical
Manufacturer Part #36053

Product Description

360 Electrical


The two 360° outlet and 2 USB surge protector features an easy plug and use design. The power strip features typical receptacle dimensions, so it is sure to fit all standard size electrical plugs and sockets. Up to 4 devices can be plugged in simultaneously. The spacing and rotation of the adapter allows even the largest of plugs to be used at the same time, easily turning an outlet that could only handle one electronic device charger into 4 electronic device chargers. The slim design also allows this adapter to be easily stored or transported for on the go and travel use as well. The built in ground and surge protector will ensure the safety of your equipment in the case of an electrical power surge.

TECHNICAL SPECS:4.8" x 1.8" x 1.9"

RATING:15A / 120V / 1800W / 60Hz

USB OUTPUT:5V / 2.1A / 10W




The conveniences of modern life often come with the frustration of large, bulky plugs that crowd traditional electrical outlets. For years, the only solution was a bulky power strip. But now you can solve your large plug hassles with the world's first 360 degree rotating electrical outlet from 360 Electrical - the only installed solution available. 360 Electrical prides itself on its innovative and problem solving products. They carry a wide range of wall sockets with various features, such as surge protectors, rotating sockets, easy travel size, quick installation, sleek design, and USB plugs. Each product was engineered with a variety of real problems and situations in mind.


  • Powers devices even while being rotated
  • Copper blade and ground contacts provide safety
  • Fits same dimensions as typical receptacle
  • Rotating outlets accommodate large plugs
  • 2.1A/10W Dual USB ports fast-charge one tablet or two smartphones at the same time.
  • 2 Outlets rotate 360° to fit large plugs
  • 306 Joules of surge protection safeguards all your electronics
  • Fold and travel plug makes PowerCurve Mini® a great travel companion.

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $17.99

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