RO-WH - Cable Management Wall Dock


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Unit Price: $9.95

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #RO-WH

Product Description


BlueLounge Rolio - Cable Management Wall Dock

The Rolio from Bluelounge is the versatile solution to messy charging cables. The need to find a location to put your phone down while charging is eliminated. The Rolio fits comfortably into your pocket, purse, bag, or anywhere else you store items. This allows it to be always accessible, eliminating the need to carry and remember large and messy cord bundles or bulky charging docks. For business trips, walks in the city, visits to a friend's house, business meetings, vacations, and any other travel situation, even in routine daily life at your home, the Rolio will allow you to always have a charging dock handy for your important electronic devices.

Product Specifications

Organize & Transport Cables

The Bluelounge Rolio is designed to be used with all current apple electronic products, those with a lightning charger. This versatility allows you to charge or sync your device into any available laptop or mobile computer, dock into the Rolio on power outlets and extension cords, and be used with the charging cords you already possess. The easy access and vertical orientation of wall power sockets is ideal for your device to rest on top of the Rolio while charing, turning it into a charging dock. Even when docking is not your main concern, the Rolio also doubles as a cable organizer, allowing you to carry your lightning charging cable easily wherever you go.


Additional Product Information

  • Fits perfectly in your pants or bag pockets.
  • Super light weight and ultra portable design.
  • Holds and organizes existing charging cords neatly.
  • Transforms a wall outlet into an iphone mobile docking station.
  • Versatile design allows for use with all laptops and computers.
  • Compatible with the iphone, ipad, and ipod. Designed for iphone only while a wall dock.
  • Uses a high tech Lightning plug for newer apple products.

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $9.95

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