202K132-25-0 - AS Series - Lipped Heatshrinkable Boot - Raychem, Straight, Shell Size 10, 55mm length, Black

202k132 25 03d
202k132 25 0

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Unit Price: $16.50

Total Price: $16.50

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #202K132-25-0

Product Description

Authentic Raychem

202K132-25-0 : 202K132-25-0 - Raychem - Lipped Heatshrinkable Boot - Straight - AS - Shell Size 10, 55mm length

Raychem Heatshrink boots provide a high quality standard of automotive and engine boots by sealing directly onto connector accessory threads. This process does not require special tools beyond a heat gun, and provides a snug and secure seal that prevents damage or riding on metal or plastic hose, cable, and engine assembly sections. These boots are available either lipped or non-lipped, and available either straight or bent. These variations allow for the perfect fit onto whatever application currently requires this heatshrinking seal.

Technical Specifications

SeriesAS Series
Cavities3 Cavities, 4 Cavities, 6 Cavities, 13 Cavities, 16 Cavities, 22 Cavities, 37 Cavities, 41 Cavities, and 66 Cavities

Total Price: $16.50

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