0411-240-2005 - Contact Removal Tool - Size 20 - Red

0411 240 20053d
0411 240 2005

Product Details

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Unit Price: $3.47

Total Price: $3.47

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #0411-240-2005

Product Description

From Deutsch:

"The Deutsch common contact system insures that the contact termination system will be compatible throughout the entire line of Deutsch connector products to reduce design alterations and maintain improved performance and reliability.These tools are engineered to work seamlessly with the entire line of Deutsch contacts, and are designed to easily remove contacts from the entire range of Deutsch connector systems. "


  • Compatible with other Deutsch products.
  • Allows for easy and quick removal.
  • Economical price point.
  • Leaves contacts and connectors damage free.


  • Made from Silicone Elastomer.
  • For removing 18-22 AWG Size 20 pins and sockets.
  • Can be used with round series connector size 20.
  • May also be used on Deutsch DTM series connectors.

Quick and Easy to Use

Removal of contacts and connectors should be quick and painless. Too many other brands require heavy, electronic, or clumsy tools in order to remove or change pins and sockets. The Deutsch Contact Extraction Tools only require a quick and simple sliding onto the desired wire, inserting the tool into the socket until you hear it click, then pulling the tool and wire out.

Compatible with other Deutsch Products

Using the Deutsch Common Contact System, these removal tools fit into any appropriately sized Deutsch wires, pins, sockets, and connectors. If the size matches, than the tool matches! For those connectors in your sports car, inside your farming equipment, on a high tech aerospace jet or space ship, or for everyday automobile and household wires, these tools will allow you to work on the important leads and plugs that keep them running and in top condition.

Economical and Durable

These contact removal tools are not only tough and durable, but also a great price as well! For a small amount of money, you will be getting a tool that will withstand many uses, work on a multitude of projects, and will not cause damage or harm to existing wires or connectors. Available individually, or in a low price kit, the Deutsch Contact Extraction Tool is a must have for any installation or removal of new or old harnesses and wiring.

Technical Specifications

SeriesDTHD Series, HD10 Series, HDP20 Series, and HD30 Series
Contact Size20

Total Price: $3.47

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