Deutsch Boots

For HD10 Series Connectors

Protective Slip-On Boots

Designed specifically for Deutsch Industrial connectors, high quality protective boots provide a professional looking finishing touch for your Deutsch connectors. Made of durable Plastisol, these slip-on boots are not only aesthetically appealing, but also provide increased protection from dirt, paint overspray, and pressure washing. Available for most Deutsch connector lines, these boots are the right finishing touch for your application.

Deutsch HD10 Series Applications

Designed for applications where the need for a Heavy Duty Industrial Connection is required. These rugged, long lasting, and completely sealed connectors are perfect for trucks and buses, heavy equipment and farm machinery, off-road, marine and recreational vehicles as well as plant equipment and robotics. When mated, the contacts are protected from moisture, sand, dust, lubricating oils, fuel, road salt, hydraulic fluid, grease, mud and other contaminants encountered in heavy duty operations. The HD10 Connectors are cylindrical and are quickly and easily inserted and removed eliminating problems associated with assembly and maintenance time.