TUK-1-BLU - Tower Utility Knife - Cold Shrink Remover - Blue


Product Details

Gamma Electronics
Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $73.35

Total Price: $73.35

Product Details

ManufacturerGamma Electronics
Manufacturer Part #TUK-1-BLU

Product Description

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Tower Utility Knife

Remove Cold Shrink in Less Than a Minute.Tired of using a box cutter? Our Tower Utility Knife, (or T.U.K.), helps eliminate the issues with using conventional blades to remove cold shrink tubing from cables. The Tower Utility Knife’s unique, 2 blade design, protects the cable, reduces risk of being cut, and makes for a faster to remove the cold shrink tubing as well. The TUK Blade Guard has an aerospace grade lubricant coating to ensure minimal friction with the cable.

Tower Climbers need to focus on safety and not worry about holding onto tools. We designed the TUK to have a hole on the end to make it easy to tether to a tool belt and/or climbing harness.

Total Price: $73.35

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