ROCKET-8-RD - Rocket Oil Separation Systems - Serviceable - -8 AN - Red


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Emporeum Plastics Corp
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Unit Price: $299.99

Total Price: $299.99

Product Details

ManufacturerEmporeum Plastics Corp
Manufacturer Part #ROCKET-8-RD

Product Description

Rocket Oil Seperation Systems


2020 PRI Global Award Winner

The Rocket Oil Separation System is the first "catch can" designed with an integrated porous polymer filter. While typical catch cans rely on baffling, steel wool, or expansion to cool and condense oil vapors in crank case gases, the porous polymer filter actively filters. This significantly increases its effectiveness over traditional methods. The Rocket's polymer filter also creates a hydrophobic barrier to stop harmful and unwanted elements from returning to your engine. In vent-to-atmosphere applications, it helps your engine bay stay clean and tidy

Developed along with a precision cut, universal bracketing system, the Rocket can be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Ports for -8 and -10 AN fittings and hoses allows for use in recirculation or vent-to-atmosphere configurations.

Basic catch can design hasn't changed in years, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. It's not rocket science. You filter your car's air and other fluids. Why wouldn't you filter this?


A high-performance system requires high-performance materials. Manufactured from UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), the porous polymer filter is the heart and soul of the Rocket Oil Separation System. Due to the material properties, the filter is extremely effective at capturing atomized oil droplets and other unwanted elements in crank case gasses.

Once the filter is saturated, oil will travel down the filter with the help of gravity and start to pool at the bottom of the device, allowing the filter to remain effective well past it’s saturation point.

As with any filter, it should be replaced once it has reached the end of it’s service life to ensure the device operates at peak performance. Once oil has pooled approximately 2 inches at the bottom of the device, it is recommended the filter be replaced.

Due to the infinite combination of engine type, mileage and other variables, it is impossible to predict the service life for any specific application. Generally, the lifespan of a filter will meet or exceed typical oil change intervals.


  • Bracket
  • Fitting
  • Catch Can
  • Filter


  • Oil Absorbent UHMWPE Polymer Filters
  • Filtration Down to 10 Micron (0.00039 inch) Particle Size
  • -8 and -10 AN Fitting & Hose Compatible
  • Patent Pending Design
  • ONLY catch can to include highly effective porous polymer technology

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $299.99

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