TSN5.00SV - ThermaShield Flat - 5" Width - 10 ft cuts

TSN5.00SV - ThermaShield Flat - 5" Width
TSN5.00SV - ThermaShield Flat - 5" Width

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:
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Price per ft: $7.31

Total Price: $73.10

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #TSN5.00SV

Product Description


Thermashield Flat

ThermaShield creates a thermal buffer between your wires, hoses and cables and the high temperature environments surrounding them. ThermaShield is engineered by laminating an aluminized metallic heat shield to a layer of strong, tightly braided fiberglass insulation. This system provides superior protection from radiant heat by reflecting it away from sensitive electronics, wiring and hoses. The four styles of ThermaShield; Tube, Convoluted, Wrap and Flat provide a full range of solutions for any application. The Wrap and Flat products use a very aggressive, high temperature adhesive that eliminates the need for high-temp mylar tape or other adhesive. ThermaShield products will endure temperatures up to 1,200°F without delaminating, turning brittle or suffering adhesive failure. They are ideal in any situation where protection from radiant heat is a primary concern. ThermaShield laminated sleeving is available in Silver.

Thermashield is designed in several different variations, each with the same protecting power and heat reflecting properties, but made for different installations and applications. Thermashield Flat is an aluminum laminated fiberglass sheet with a full coating of permanent, high temperature adhesive, that applies directly to any clean surface. It is an ideal solution for protecting delicate electronic component boxes mounted close to engines or other heat sources. When applied, the aluminum laminate reflects heat away and the insulating fiberglass backing protects the fragile contents from thermal damage and failure.

Product Specifications

Cutting With Scissors

To ensure a frayless, professional end on any installation, it is recommended that Thermashield aluminum laminated fiberglass be cut with scissors or shears. We offer a wide variety of Scissors for different applications, including Kevlar shears, General Purpose Scissors, and folding scissors..


Additional Product Information

  • Provides Professional Look on Products
  • Resists Common Chemicals, Solvents, and UV Damage
  • Reflects Radiant Heat
  • Economical and Easy to Install
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Made from 0.25" Aluminum Laminated Fiberglass
  • Halogen Free - RoHS Compliant
  • Non-Combustible / Will not Burn
  • Melt Temp: 2,048°F/1,120°C
  • Operating Temps: -76°F to 491°F (-60°C to 255°C)

Technical Specifications

Nominal Diameters (Fractions)5

Total Price: $73.10

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