CWS-47030R - Copper Wire Stripper, 14-4/0AWG Wire, Power Drill Driven - Rental


Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Weekly Rental Price: $40.00

Deposit Price: $400.00

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #CWS-47030R

Product Description

CWS 47030 - Rental

Rent this CWS 47030, the money making tool that you need in your warehouse. Driven by a standard power drill, you''ll get more than double the money from your scrap wire. It''s that simple!
All aluminum frame
Hardened one piece blade
Strips solid core or braided wire
Blade made from tool steel
Blade easily re-sharpened
Fully adjustable wire guide
Copper Wire Stripper - Standard power drill operated, Strips 14-4/0 AWG wire

Please Note: Your credit card will be charged the full cost of the tool immediately. You can keep the tool as long as you like and be charged the weekly rental fee. When you return the Tool, your credit card will be credited the difference.

Deposit Price: $400.00

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