DMC1000-20R - Safe-T-Cable® Tool Kit, .032 and .022"

Unit Price: $3,053.75

Total Price: $3,053.75

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #DMC1000-20R

Product Description


Safe-T-Cable® Tool and Parts Kits are a travel-ready system whereby the user has Tools, Veri cation Equipment, Accessories, a supply of Cable/Ferrules, and the Instructions all in one package.

The packaging materials (Copolymer plastic case, foam inserts, and laminated instructions) are manufactured to meet the most demanding handling conditions. FOD (Foreign Object Damage) is always a concern when workers are required to use tools and small components in or around an aircraft. The “shadowing” principal is a proven concept for Tool/parts control to minimize that concern.

DMC is well known throughout the aerospace industry for the quality and capability of the Tool Kits that we manufacture. If you have speci c needs that cannot be covered by the Tool Kit described here, please call a DMC customer service representative for information on a Kit that will more appropriately meet your requirements.

Safe-T-Cable was developed because the installation of hand twisted Lockwire is an expensive, time consuming, and awkward process. Safe-T-Cable is a simpli ed application method that relies on a precisely calibrated application tool for proper installation rather than operator skills. Operator training is simple, inspection is objective, and rework is virtually eliminated. This results in fewer demands on the Operators, Inspectors, and Maintenance Personnel. It will cut time and costs from your manufacturing or maintenance process.

Total Price: $3,053.75

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