DTT-20-02 - Size 20, Hand Crimp Tool 18-20AWG

DTT-20-02 - Size 20, Hand Crimp Tool 18-20 AWG
DTT-20-02 - Size 20, Hand Crimp Tool 18-20 AWG

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $325.00

Total Price: $325.00

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #DTT-20-02

Product Description

General use tools can be difficult, frustrating, and damage your wires. This specially designed Deutsch wire crimp tool will allow you to quickly and easily connect wires and pins together for a solid and complete fit in your electrical harnesses and other wiring needs. This sturdy Deutsch Series Hand Crimp Tool works only with Size 20 Stamped and Formed Pins and Sockets and will fit any wires that are size 18-20 AWG.

Technical Specifications

SeriesDTM Series, HDP20 Series, HD30 Series, DRB Series, DRC Series, Strike Series, and ATM Series
American Wire Gauge18 AWG, 19 AWG, and 20 AWG
Contact Size20
American Wire Gauge Range15+ AWG
Contact TypeStamped and Formed Contacts

Total Price: $325.00

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