XG4400 - Elasco Guard - 4 Channel Xtreme Cable Protector


Unit Price: $1,069.00

Total Price: $1,069.00

Product Details

ManufacturerElasco Products
Manufacturer Part #XG4400

Product Description


XtremeGuard XG4400

Designed with new Tread Pattern and Fish Bone Connectors these products are designed to withstand load bearing of between 200-400 tons depending on the SKU. Elasco's patented gull-wing designed lid allows the lid ramp to connect to the base of the protect or giving extra strength to the product.Used for Heavy Duty Applications ranging from the Oil & Gas Industry to Mining and Heavy Industrial, Elasco's Cable/Hose Protector will protect your assets and ensure safe working environment.

Elasco Cable Guards are constructed with a solid cast polyurethane base and lid that are connected by a reinforced fiberglass rod that won’t rust or corrode. Our products hold up against natural and man-made elements and are compliant with safety requirements. With easy transportation and simple installation, our products can be configured to meet your needs. Backed by a lifetime warranty and offering premium material characteristics, our products are all Made in USA. We provide a basic solution to a basic problem. Whether it be pedestrian or vehicle traffic we help maneuver from one side of cables to the other side while keeping your cables absolutely safe. No matter the weight of your cargo, we will help you get to your destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Total Price: $1,069.00

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