PT30.25NB - Flexo® PET - 1/4" - Neon Blue w/ 3 end - Used For Full Coverage - 75 ft spool

PET  pt30.25nb
PET  pt30.25nb

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:
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Price per ft: $0.36

Total Price: $27.00

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #PT30.25NB

Product Description


PT30.25NB - PET 1/4" Neon Blue w/ 3end

Flexo PET 3 End produces almost full coverage, added security, and added endurance over standard Flexo PET and Tight Weave due to its tight, 3 end construction. This sleeving is great for a smooth, attractive finish on any type of wire, bundle, cable or hose for any application. The sleeving expands to nearly 150% of its nominal diameter to allow easy installation and will maintain its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. Flexo PET 3 End sleeving resists damage from common chemicals, abrasion and UV light, and will protect wires, hoses and cables even in harsh environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications

ColorNeon Blue Fluorescent
Item TypeBraided Sleeving

Total Price: $27.00

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