DRBM-3A - DRC Series - 102 Cavity Flange - A Key - (2) 125 Amp Terminal Posts - Black

Drbm 3a back
Drbm 3a back
Drbm 3a front
Drbm 3a backDrbm 3a front
Drbm 3a back

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Unit Price: $52.20

Total Price: $52.20

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #DRBM-3A

Product Description

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Deutsch DRB Series

Deutsch DRB series connectors are high density pin count rectangular connectors engineered for environments where moisture, dirt and rough terrain can contaminate or damage electrical connections. The high performance thermoplastic body utilizes a bulkhead mounted flange to create a tight environmental seal. Shock, vibration and high-temp resistant, the DRB series connectors are ideally suited for firewall mounted pass-through applications.

The DRB Series connectors are heavy duty connectors ideal for bulkhead applications. They are designed to accommodate multiple wire gauges and feature high pin counts, including 48, 60, 102, and 128 cavities. To increase the design flexibility, the DRB Series offers several mounting flange options and wire arrangements. The DRB Series is perfectly suited for on and off highway applications, marine, industrial, and agriculture markets in harsh environments.

Technical Specifications

SeriesDRB Series

Total Price: $52.20

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