II-158050 - IDEAL - VDV II, RJ-45 Remotes, 12 Pc Pack

Ii 1580503d
Ii 158050

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Unit Price: $87.50

Total Price: $87.50

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #II-158050

Product Description

Ideal Networking Tester Tools

Ideal Network Tester Tools

This Ideal VDV Remote pack comes with 12 RJ-45 Remotes that can be used to for wire mapping and identifying 12 different RJ-45 cables. Simply connect your Remotes to the ends of your cables throughout your house or building where you are working, and be able to identify those cables individually from the panel. Once you identify your different cables, you can also test them individually for shorts and opens which would cause issues with your connection.

Additional Product Information

  • Small and compact for portability and storage.
  • Identifies and differentiates up to 12 cables.
  • Identifies Opens, Shorts, and Miswires.
  • Makes Wire Mapping an Entire House Quick and Easy.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Comes with 12 RJ-45 Remotes
  • For 8-Position 8-Cavity Connectors
  • Differentiates Pin and Shield
  • Numbered 1 Through 12

Total Price: $87.50

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