LS54-100 - Soldering Irons & Accs Portasol Soldering Kit

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Total Price: $59.95

Product Details

ManufacturerLabor Saving Devices Inc
Manufacturer Part #LS54-100

Product Description

LSDI Tools

This kit provides a convenient soldering solution for ensuring proper signal integrity in wire connectors and other electrical connections. Manufactured by Portasol, this system uses an efficient butane fueled catalytic heating system that concentrates the heat at the soldering tip for effective and accurate soldering. The soldering wand has a built-in igniter and an intensity adjustment wheel to allow range of heat adjustment settings from 10 to 60 watts. The wand uses replaceable tips, flints and fuel supplies. Compact Soldering Kit includes:
7" Butane Soldering Wand
3 oz. Refill Canister of Ultra Pure Colibri® Butane
Protective Carrying Case w/Belt Loop
Replacement Flints
2.4 mm tip and 4.8 mm Replacement Tip
1 oz. of 60/40 Solder

Total Price: $59.95

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