SBB-SHP - Sealed Buss Bar -13 Cavity, 200 Amp, High-Power Receptacle

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Unit Price: $44.49

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ManufacturerSealed Buss Bar
Manufacturer Part #SBB-SHP

Product Description

Sealed Buss Bars

Have you spent the resources to seal your electrical system at the devices only to leave the job unfinished? With traditional bus bars you have done just that. They have many individual connections which can be prone to failure. They have exposed copper plates that may have tin plating protection or none at all. These plates will corrode which will require replacement. Sure there are sprays that will slow the corrosion down, but it will not address the root cause—exposed metal. The Sealed Bus Bar encapsulates the conductive plate copper leaving the only exposed metal the stainless studs for the connections to the battery.

  • Ratings: 200A @ 48V DC
  • Stud: 1 @ 5/16-18 Stainless Steel
  • Connectors: Sealed to IP67
  • Mating Connectors: Amphenol AT1612-13SB
  • Accepts Wire Sizes: 2 @ 14-10ga and 11 @ 18-14ga
  • Mounting Holes: #10 Flat head
  • Bus Material: C1100 Electrolytic Copper
  • Base: RETPU - Injection Molded
  • Dimensions: 2" L x 2 3/4" W* x 1 3/8" H
  • (*Does not include mating connector)
  • The mate connector uses the standard Deutsch terminals size 16 for 11 of the contacts and size 12 for the other 2 with 13 in all contact positions.

Total Price: $44.49

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