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Stainless Steel Ladder Ties

Multiple Locking Mechanism

Stainless Steel Ladder cable ties offer unique multiple locking design providing fast and easy installations. The unique structure of the ladder type cable tie provides durability and makes it ideal for applications requiring extreme strengths. Those cable ties can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor and underground (including direct burial) applications. They are especially well suited for network bundling of data and power cables. Their high strength, non-flammability, rounded edges provide the definitive support for network cables. All coated ties use a base metal 316 grade stainless steel for excellent resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion, weather, chemicals, salt sprays and UV radiation.

LENGTHS: 8", 14", 24", & 30"

COLORS: Black and Silver


MATERIAL: 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Uses & Benefits of Cable Ties

Cable Management: Cable ties are most commonly used for organizing and securing cables. They can be used to bundle cables together, route them along walls or ceilings, or keep them neat and tidy under a desk or behind a home theater system.

Compliance: In some industries, such as construction and electrical work, there are regulations that require cables to be organized and secured properly. Cable ties can help you comply with these regulations.

Automotive: Cable ties can be used in automotive applications to secure cables, hoses, or other components in place.

Gardening: Cable ties can be used to secure plants to trellises or stakes, or to support the growth of new shoots and branches.

Home Improvement: Cable ties can be used to hold together broken items or to temporarily repair items until a more permanent fix can be made.

Arts & Crafts: Cable ties can be used in various crafting projects, such as jewelry making, model building, or creating sculptures.

Tips for Removing Cable Ties

Cable ties are designed to provide a secure and reliable hold, which can make them difficult to remove without the right tools or techniques. at WireCare® we recommend using a Cable Tie Removal tool. This specially designed tool has a small wedge or blade end that can be inserted between the tie and the locking mechanism, allowing you to release the tie and remove it. Shop Cable Tie Removal Tools


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14" 250lb Stainless Ladder Cable Ties - Silver

Price/Ea:  $28.80
Price/Ea:  $28.80
Total: $28.80

24" 250lb Stainless Ladder Cable Ties - Silver

Price/Ea:  $34.80
Price/Ea:  $34.80
Total: $34.80

30" 250lb Stainless Ladder Cable Ties - Silver

Price/Ea:  $66.00
Price/Ea:  $66.00
Total: $66.00

8" 250lb Stainless Ladder Cable Ties - Silver

Price/Ea:  $20.50
Price/Ea:  $20.50
Total: $20.50