075C75BK - Heavy Wall High Density Safe-Spiral - 3" OD - 2.60" ID - Black - 75'

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Unit Price: $360.31

Total Price: $360.31

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #075C75BK

Product Description


Heavy Duty, High Density Safe-Spiral Wrap

Safe-Spirals are produced by extrusion from High Density Polyethylene. This ensures superior breaking strength and naturally round spiral edges.

Protect your hoses against abrasion, hits and weather conditions. Save you money because the hoses last longer and the number of work delays caused by hose rupture decreases. Colorful spirals make your hoses more visible to increase safety. Bundle your hoses to increase safety and ease the handling.

COLORS: Black, Red, Orange, and Yellow

SPECIAL FEATURE: Black & Yellow Wear Indicator (Only For Part Numbers Ending In -ABR)

Benefits of Using Spiral Wrap

  • Organized Bundling: Spiral wrap neatly bundles cables together, keeping them organized and preventing tangling or clutter.
  • Flexibility: Unlike rigid cable management solutions, spiral wrap is highly flexible, allowing for easy installation around cables of varying sizes and shapes. It can also accommodate changes in cable routing or additions/removals of cables without the need for reinstallation.
  • Airflow: The spiral design allows for airflow between the cables, preventing overheating and promoting better ventilation, which is crucial in environments with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Visibility: Spiral wraps come in different colors, which can be used to color-code cables for easier identification,customization, and troubleshooting.
  • DIY-Friendly: It's easy to cut to the desired length with scissors or a knife, making it suitable for various DIY projects and installations.

Where Can I Use Spiral Wrap?

  • Office Environments
  • Home Entertainment Systems
  • Motorcycles
  • Industrial Environments
  • Marine & Aerospace

Technical Specifications

Outer Diameter3"
Inner Diameter2.60"

Total Price: $360.31

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