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UT Wire® Cable Blanket Cord Covers

Experience versatility in a floor cord protector like never before with the Cable Blanket. Made with a soft and flexible rubber, the Cable Blanket forms itself to the amount of cables tucked underneath for the lowest profile possible. Following the Do-It-Yourself theme, this cord cover comes adhesive-ready and easily cut to adjust length. Installation is a breeze; just peel the adhesive seal, stick, tuck in cables, cover, and enjoy a trip-free floor! This floor cord cover holds as little or many cords as needed. Fits up to 10 Ethernet Cables or 5 Power Strips.

UT Wire® Cord Protectors

Wires across the floor are dangerous, especially in high foot traffic areas. People can trip; objects can fall; cables can break. Installing a cord protector helps prevent these unwanted accidents. Designed for those with only one or two cables along the floor, the Compact Cord Protector is a single channel cord cover with the compartment opening on top for easy cable access and re-insertion. To create an organized, trip-free environment, just open the compartment, insert the cables, and tape down. Set those tripping worries aside with the Compact Cord Protector!

This new slimmer profile covers and protects cords on the ground and keeps floor areas clear and safe. The single channel stores and allows for easy identification of cords. No more tripping on loose cords across the floor.

UT Wire® Cord Protectors

Covers and protects cords on the ground and keeps floor areas clear and safe. Three individual channels store and allow for easy identification of cords. The two top-loading channels make future adjustments easy.Having too many cords running across the floor? Not only it that a major safety issue in the home and office, it is also unsightly. A great home office organization idea is to apply a cable protector to keep the cables down and prevent a potential tripping hazard. This 3-channel Cord Protector easily installs to take care of this issue. Specially designed with a 3-channel capacity, you can fit several cables in this clever cord cover. Then when it’s time to make changes, you can do so by simply pulling out the cords you don’t need from the two top loading channels. Also available in single channel cord cover: Compact Cord Protector.


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