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UT Wire® Cord Wrap To-Go Organizer

How do you organize cords when you travel? Does it seem all too familiar when you pull out your chargers or USB cables from your purse, bag, or suitcase and they are all tangled in a bunch? We’d like to introduce to you the Cord Wrap To-Go, a very soft cable wrap you can easily wrap your individual wires around and still looking nicely in your bags. Simply pull out the cords that you need to use and simply wind them back the Cord Wraps to store. Never again do you have to untangle cords every time you need to use them. Installation: It doesn’t get much easier than this. Be sure to turn off the power and unplug all power wires prior to usage.

UT Wire® Pocket for Earphones & Chargers

Let’s face it: no one enjoys fishing through their bags for their headphones or chargers, especially if they’re completely tangled and caught on other items. Designed to ease this problem, the Pocket is a quick and easy solution to find and protect wires on the go. Available in two sizes and in three vibrant colors, these earbud holders and charger cases are easy to identify in bags. With a durable canvas exterior and a soft cotton interior, these travel cases protect wires and keep them organized. To use the Pocket, just squeeze to open, insert the headphones or charger, and they’re ready to go. Using the Pocket gives no reason to sacrifice organization when out and about.

UT Wire® Pocket for Travel

The Pocket for Travel helps you stay organized and keeps your cord and cables all in one place. It makes your cords easy to find. There are many benefits and wonder features and possible uses for your new favorite organizer pouch for travel.

UT Wire® Pocket for Laptops

For the mobile laptop user searching for a versatile storage solution for their laptop chargers and many tech accessories, look no further than the Pocket for Laptop. A 2-in-1 travel case, the Pocket for Laptop keeps its contents organized and scratch-free while on the go. When fully unzipped and flattened, this handy pouch transforms into a mousepad, complete with a smooth surface and a non-slip rubber grip bottom for optimal mouse performance. Whether the destination is another country or the café down the road, travelers can enjoy easy technology transport without forgetting their mousepad with this travel organizer!