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Flexo® FR Plus

FLEXO® FR PLUS sleeving for electronic and high-tech applications incorporates the specialized resin coating and fray-resistance of FLEXO® PET Plus with the added benefit of flame retardant protection. It cuts easily and cleanly with ordinary scissors, making FLEXO® FR Plus ideal for projects when a hot knife is inaccessible. It has a wide operating temperature range resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation and abrasion. Its organic combustion inhibitor additionally gives FLEXO® FR Plus a flame resistance rating of VW-1. Also it Complies to HL2 according to railway standard DIN EN 45545-2.

What Does ‘Flame Retardant’ Mean?

Flame retardant refers to a substance or material that is designed to resist or delay the ignition and spread of flames. Flame retardants work by interrupting the chemical reactions that occur when a material is exposed to heat or flames. They can prevent or slow down the release of flammable gases, reduce the amount of oxygen available for combustion, or create a protective layer that shields the material from the fire.

Flame Retardant Vs. Non-Flammable

Flame retardant: These materials are designed to resist flames and prevent or slow the spread of fire. These materials are treated with special chemicals that react to heat and flames, creating a barrier that can help protect against fire and reduce the risk of damage or injury.

Non-Flammable: These materials are those that do not burn or ignite at all, even when exposed to heat or flames. These materials may be made from special types of metals or other materials that have a very high melting point or are inherently resistant to fire.

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Flexo® FR Plus - 1/8" with coating - (Non Fray) - Black with White Tracer

Price/Ft:  $0.80
Price/Ft:  $0.80
Total: $8.00

Flexo® FR Plus - 1/4" with coating - (Non Fray) - Black with White Tracer

Price/Ft:  $0.90
Price/Ft:  $0.90
Total: $9.00
Price/Ft:  $1.10
Total: $11.00
Price/Ft:  $1.20
Total: $12.00
Price/Ft:  $1.50
Total: $15.00
Price/Ft:  $1.78
Total: $17.80
Price/Ft:  $2.34
Total: $23.40
Price/Ft:  $2.48
Total: $24.80
Price/Ft:  $3.00
Total: $30.00