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Exhaust Wrap

Insultherm® Header Wrap is an extremely high temperature resistant wrap commonly used to contain and manage hot gases in automotive and high performance headers and exhausts. Header Wrap is manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarns that are woven into a strong and flexible wrap with vermiculite coating. When wrapped around exhaust pipes, the unique construction creates attractive and durable finished product. The product is very rugged, and will not exhibit any vibration damage over long periods of use. The fiberglass wrap is easy to install and will provide years of protection and good looks. Header Wrap is available in Black and Natural.

  • Texturized Fiberglass or Silica Fiber Construction
  • Extremely Abrasion and Cut Resistant
  • Will Not Burn or Support Combustion
  • Resists Common Chemicals & Solvents
  • Easy, No Tool Installation
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Cuts Easily With Scissors
  • Protects Up To 2,000°F.
  • Operating Temperature Range -70° to 1200°F (-57° to 649 °C.)
  • Melt Temp: 2,048°F./1,120°C

Why Do I Need An Exhaust Wrap?

Increased Horsepower: By reducing the heat in the engine compartment, exhaust wraps can improve the airflow and allow the engine to efficiently produce more power.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: Cooler air intake temperatures can help to improve fuel efficiency, as the engine does not have to work as hard to produce the same amount of power.

Reduced Under-The-Hood Temperatures: Exhaust wraps can reduce the temperature of the engine compartment, which can help to prevent damage to other components and improve the longevity of the engine.

Reduced Engine Heat Soak: Heat soak occurs when the engine continues to generate heat even after it has been turned off. Exhaust wraps can help to reduce this heat soak, which can lead to faster cool-down times and prevent damage to other components.

Enhanced Sound: Exhaust wraps can also help to reduce the noise level of the exhaust system, resulting in a deeper, more mellow tone.

How to Install Header Wrap

Wrapping a pipe takes time and concentration. Go slowly, take your time, and be patient. The tighter the wrapping the better hold and less chance of a loose or irregular fit. During the wrap installation, wearing safety glasses, gloves, and dust mask is highly recommended. We also suggest wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Step 1 of Header Wrap Install: Soaking Header Wrap
Step 1: Soaking Your Header Wrap

To make installation easier and reduce the irritation from fiberglass dust, soak exhaust wrap in bucket of water. Wetting the wrap will make the material more flexible and aid in a much tighter wrap. Make sure you have enough wrap before you begin. Use the provided chart as a guide to estimated lengths of exhaust wrap based on pipe diameter.

Step 2 of Header Wrap Install: Initial Wrap
Step 2: Initial Wrap

Start an initial wrap around around the primary tube at the exhaust port (closest to the engine) and secure it with a stainless steel tie or a hose clamp.Continue wrapping, using 1/4" overlap with each pass; keep tension on your wrap and use your hands every two to three coils to tighten the wrap. Remember more is not always better when it comes to exhaust wrap, so overlapping 1/4" is perfect as this allows just enough heat out to ensure performance without damaging exhaust.

Step 3 of Header Wrap Install: securing Both Ends
Step 3: Securing Both Ends

Where primary tubes become close together, and it is too tight to wrap them separately, wrap both pipes as one while using the same 1/4" overlap. Proceed to wrap the collector securing both ends with stainless steel ties or hose clamps.

Step 4 of Header Wrap Install: Clean Up
Step 4: Clean Up & Enjoy

Please note that smoking may occur after installation and it will eventually stop. This is a normal part of the curing process, and will not result in any damage to the exhaust or the wrap installation.

How Much Header Wrap Do I Need?

Use the chart below to gauge the estimated amount of header wrap you will need for your application.

Pipe Diameter 1" Wrap 2" Wrap Recommendation
1 3/8" 70" per Foot 30" per Foot 2" Wrap Not Recommended
1 1/2" 76" per Foot 33" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
1 5/8" 82" per Foot 35" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
1 3/4" 88" per Foot 38" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
1 7/8" 95" per Foot 41" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
2" 101" per Foot 44" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
2 1/4" 114" per Foot 49" per Foot 1" or 2" Wrap is OK
2 1/2" 126" per Foot 54" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
2 3/4" 139" per Foot 60" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
3" 151" per Foot 65" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
3 1/4" 164" per foot 70" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
3 1/2" 176" per Foot 76" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
3 3/4" 189" per Foot 81" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended
4" 201" per Foot 87" per Foot 1" Wrap is Not Recommended

Please Note: Include an additional 8” of wrap per bend. Add 14” of wrap if bend is greater than a 90 ̊ bend.

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