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Silver Foil

Reflective Heat Protection up to 1050°F

Silver Reflective Foil

Silver Foil is made from a lightweight aerospace material. This 14 mil thick foil has a fire resistant pressure sensitive adhesive which meets or exceeds the FAA 12-second vertical burn requirement. The reflective foil is easy to install and remove, and is extremely versatile in that it can be easily cut and formed.

The silver foil reflects at least 95% of radiant energy and provides continuous radiant heat protection up to 1050°F and higher for short durations. There is a minimum of 400°F gradient temperature drop across the film during normal operating temperatures. The film is supplied in 28" wide rolls and weighs approximately 12 0z/yd

  • Heat Protection up to 1050°F
  • Easy to Install
  • 14 Mil Thick Foil
  • Meets or Exceeds FAA 12 sec. Vertical Burn Requirement


Silver Foil - 29" Wide x 50 yds

Price/Ft:  $25.00
Price/Ft:  $25.00
Total: $25.00