Displays and Spools

Make Cut Lengths Easily Available at Your Shop, or Retail Store!

Flyflex Kits

Spool and product management is now simpler and more efficient than ever. Our new display/dispenser rack allows easy control of sleeving inventories and provides a controlled system of neatly dispensing directly from the spools. The rack is constructed from tough ABS plastic, with plenty of room for a wide range of products. The spools simply drop into the preformed slots and turn freely for dispensing. Full visibility and access ensures easy management of remaining inventory and simple drop-in replacement of empty spools.

Hardware for gridwall or slotwall mounting is included.Spools shown are for display purposes only and are not included. Display ships empty.

Gridwall Mounting display installation 1

Comes with two Gridwall Hooks for easy installation on 24" or wider gridwall section.

Slotwall Mounting display installation 2

Included Slotwall Hooks make it simple to mount, display and manage spool inventories.

Flat Wall Mounting display installation 3

Predrilled holes make mounting to flat walls easy and secure.

display drawing 1

FITS 6 SHOP SPOOLS (5 5/8" x 3")

display drawing 2

FITS 9 RETAIL SPOOLS (5 5/8" x 2")