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Save yourself times & money with this premade Techflex® Braided Sleeving Audio Customization Kit! Techflex® audio snake color coding assortments contain pre-measured and pre-cut lengths of sleeving designed to fit on the tail ends of audio snakes. The kits include 20" - 24" pieces (2 of each of 10 colors), along with pre-cut pieces of clear heatshrink tubing for secure installation. The tightly braided sleeving not only identifies the cables, but minimizes tangles and provides an additional layer of protection from abrasion and damage.

What Is Flexo® PET Braided Sleeving?

Flexo® PET is used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing and management applications where cost efficiency and application durability are important. The unique braided construction allows expandability up to 150% or more for quick and easy installation over large connectors and long installation runs. PT is braided from 10 mil PolyEthylene Terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, resists chemical degradation, UV damage and abrasion. lengths of sleeving, all with the ability to look great by themselves or to be used together for unique effects and cable patterns.

Techflex® Braided Sleeving On Audio Cables

Premium Vs. Standard Colors

Flexo® PET is available in more colors than any other Techflex® braided sleeving product. The choices are so vast we’ve curated two different sets of colors for you to choose from:

Standard Colors: The standard color kits include 10 of the most popular selection of solid colors that span the rainbow. Including: Black (BK), Brown (BR), Red (RD), Orange (OR), Neon Yellow (NY), Neon Green (NG), Neon Blue (NB), Purple (PP), Platinum Gray (PG), and White (WH).

Premium Colors: The premium color kits include several dark colors, several bright colors, and several patterned lengths of sleeving to provide more diversity than the solid options in the standard kit. Colors Include: Carbon (CB), Beige (BE), Super Hero (SH), Neon Red (NR), Jester (JS), Ogre (OG), Blue (BL), Dark Purple (DP), Clear (CL), and Checkered Flag (CF)

Techflex® Audio Customization Kit Color Options

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