Wirecare is proud to offer highly engineered, application specific products to fulfill our customer's individual and unique product specifications.
CH - Chrome
Conductive Mylar for Shielding Applications
Loose Braids Allow Application to Show

CX - Chrome XC
Chrome XC
Conductive Mylar for Shielding Applications
Tight Braids Hide Application

MY - Flexo® Mylar
Flexo® Mylar
Lightweight Metallic Alternative
Ideal for Aesthetic Applications

RF - Flexo® Reflex
Flexo® Reflex
Reflects Light 360° Up To 675Ft
Easily Installed

CA - Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
Ideal for Strong Tubular Structures
Insulates Delicate Wires & Component

CAN - Carbon Fiber - Medium
Carbon Fiber - Medium
Medium Strength
Wide Range of Sizes

CAH - Carbon Fiber - Heavy
Carbon Fiber - Heavy
Heavy Construction
Durable & Reliable Sleeving

PARACORD - Paracord - 550 Paracord Utility Cord
Paracord - 550 Paracord Utility Cord
550 LB Tensile Strength
Wide Range of Uses

NY - Nylon Monofilament
Nylon Monofilament
12 Mil Nylon 6-6 Polyamide Yarns
Resists Common Chemicals & Solvents

NM - Nylon Multifilament
Nylon Multifilament
Soft, Pliable, and Quiet Nylon
Dense Full Coverage

F6Q - F6® Quiet
F6® Quiet
Retro Look For Audio Cables
Soft Classic Cotton Loom Feel

F6Z - F6® Flat
F6® Flat
Lightweight & Self-Wrapping
Maintains Flat Shape

FPW - HVAC Foam Protective Wrap
HVAC Foam Protective Wrap
Rain, Wind & Mildew Protection
Extra Wide Hook & Loop Closure

DR - Dura Race
Dura Race
Tightly Woven Ballistic Nylon
Heavy Duty Hook & Loop For Carpeting

NRN - Flexo® Noise Reduction
Flexo® Noise Reduction
Excellent Noise Suppression
Doesn’t Trap Heat or Moisture

FFN - Flexo® 6 Mil
Flexo® 6 Mil
High Density Fine Thread Sleeving
Long Lasting Filtration Solution

FT - Flexo® Thin
Flexo® Thin
Ultra Thin Nylon
Ideal for Precision Electronic Harnesses

NS - Flexo® Non-Skid
Flexo® Non-Skid
Added Safety in High Foot Traffic Areas
Increases Friction Under Pressure

PG - Part Guard
Part Guard
Protective Plastic Netting
Color Coded for Easy Identification

CTN - Cotton Sleeving
Cotton Sleeving
Wire Protection
Classic Cottom Loom Feel

L6N - L6 Liquid Wrap
L6 Liquid Wrap
Water Repellant Semi-Rigid Wrap
Will Not Support Growth or Bacteria

SKN - Studio Key Wrap
Studio Key Wrap
Reversible Blue/Green Durable Vinyl
Ideal for Photo & Video Shoots