F6 Tubing Installation Tools

Push Wires Through Your F6 Quick And Easily!

f6 installation tool

If you've ever run wiring through split tubing you know that it can be frustrating. Without this tool, the more wires you have, the harder it is. When you have to add a wire, it can really slow you down. With this premium wire loom tool, you can add and remove wires quickly and easily. Simply gather the wires you want into the installation tool and then insert the tool and wires into any split tubing or semi-rigid sleeving like Flexo F6. Run the tool through the tubing, smooth it out with your hand and you're finished.

f6 installation tool 1

1. Rotate the barrel to line up the slot and insert your wire bundle.

f6 installation tool 2

2. Rotate the barrel to hide the slot and prevent the bundle from slipping out of the tool.

f6 installation tool 3

3. Insert the bulge of the tool into your tubing. Make sure that the end of the bundle is properly seated in the tubing.

f6 installation tool 4

4. Gently slide the tool along the length of the tubing, inserting the wire bundle as you move down the sleeving.

f6 installation tool 5

5. Run your hand over the length of the installation to smooth out any imperfections.


How to use the F6 Installer tool is explained in this instructional video created by Wirecare for its customers.

More instructional videos for our various products can be found on Wirecare.com's YouTube Page.

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