GT12-2PK-01 - Gear Tie - Reusable Rubber Twist Tie - 12" - Black - 2 pack

Gt12 2pk 01
Gt12 2pk 01
Gt12 2pk 01 1
Gt12 2pk 01Gt12 2pk 01 1
Gt12 2pk 01

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $5.59

Total Price: $5.59

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #GT12-2PK-01

Product Description

From Nite Ize:

"With its strong, bendable wire interior and sturdy rubber exterior, the Nite Ize Gear Tie is the perfect size for bundling, connecting, and organizing everything from workshop tools to children's toys. With a simple wrap-and-twist motion, it keeps appliance wires, cables and cords tangle-free, organizes tools, art supplies, and sporting equipment, binds and neatens kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, toys, and more."


  • Can be used to keep wires, tools, and other objects tied together.
  • Useful in the garage, while camping, at the work place, and more.
  • Waterproof and safe for use in fresh or salt water.
  • Tough rubber shell provides strong grip.
  • Interior wire helps keep desired shape.
  • Will not scratch, cut, or mark when used.
  • Twist it, bend it, tie it, and reuse it.
  • Also available in a 6" size. (GT6-2PK-01)
  • Also available in an 18" size. (GT18-2PK-01)

Reusable and handy tool for any situation

The Gear Tie from Nite Ize is a versatile and multi-use tool that can be used to help any almost any situations. Use it to bundle your cords and cables on tools, computers, phone chargers, headphones, toys, gaming consoles, and more. Its durable yet bendable structure allows you to create any tie or structure that may be useful for the situation. Attaching objects together, creating stands for cellphones, holding open doors, and many more applications exist that take advantage of the ability to bend and use the GearTie over and over again. Whether it be your garage, your office, your backpack, or your car, make sure to have some of these handy GearTies ready so you can tackle any situation thrown at you.

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $5.59

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