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Rip-Tie® CableCarrier

Carry Extra Cables Easily with CableCarrier

Product Features:

  • The Rip-Tie® CableCarrier attaches to a belt loop or tool belt for easy access to extra cables: power cords, speaker, microphone or lighting cables.
  • It can also be used as a temporary hanger for cable runs during events, construction or installations.
  • Economical Solution for Many Applications.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Cut and Abrasion Resistant.
  • High Strength Carabiner Type Hook.


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Rip-Tie® CableCarrier with Carabiner - 1" x 6" - Black

Price/Ea:  $14.50
Price/Ea:  $14.50
Total: $14.50

Rip-Tie® CableCarrier with Carabiner - 1" x 9" - Black

Price/Ea:  $16.00
Price/Ea:  $16.00
Total: $16.00