RH18.00GY - Rip-Tie CableCatch - 1" x 8" - Grey - 2 piece pack


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Unit Price: $15.25

Total Price: $15.25

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #RH18.00GY

Product Description

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Rip Tie Cable Catch

Rip Tie Cable Catch Grey is a great solution to run cables neatly along surfaces and out of the way. With its Peel-away backing, CableCatch is easy to install.

SIZES: 1" x 2"(SM), 1" x 4"(MD), and 1" x 8"(LG)

RELEASE CYCLES: Tested up to 10,000


COLORS: Black & Gray

With one quick pull of the table, you can release the bundle for easily rearranging of your cords and wire bundles! The acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive securely attaches to equipment racks, desks, or walls. In addition, the peel-away backing makes the CableCatch easy to use and to install. The "Soft Hold" of the CableCatches successfully maintains the integrity of the cable performance, and offers easy & reliable ways to organize high performance data cable without using nylon ties. One quick pull of the tab releases the bundle for easy rearranging and quick equipment set-ups. Re-usable and environmentally friendly, now there will be no more throwing away of nylon cable ties. Lasting at least 10,000 release cycles, the Cablecatch will be your cable solution for years to come.

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Total Price: $15.25

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