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Rip-Tie® CinchStrap EG

Cable Management for Professionals

Rip-Tie® CinchStrap EG

These heavy-duty utility straps offer extra strength and holding power. CinchStraps act like a pulley system and have countless applications, whether in industrial settings, at home, in the garden, or for activities like boating. Made with the highest quality hook and loop, these products exemplify our exacting standards.

Product Features:

  • A Professional quality strap for taking the stress off connectors and managing cable bundles on and inside wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, over doorways and in wiring closets.
  • Attach to any rack or surface. Use any fastener up to 1/4" diameter for mounting.
  • Brass grommet. Non-magnetic grommet spreads fastener load evenly without risk of ripping fabric.
  • Can be oriented in any directions.
  • Professionals like the quality, durability and value that this strap brings to rack management.

Installing Rip-Tie® CinchStrap EG

Step One: Insert screw through grommet and attach to surface with buckle hanging down.

Step Two: Insert bundle between buckle and fabric.

Step Three: Pull tab through from behind buckle and pull tab tight.

Step Four: Press down on fabric to lock bundle in place.



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Rip-Tie® CinchStrap-EG - 1" x 10"

Price/Ea:  $11.25
Price/Ea:  $11.25
Total: $11.25

Rip-Tie® CinchStrap-EG - 1" x 7"

Price/Ea:  $10.75
Price/Ea:  $10.75
Total: $10.75

Rip-Tie® CinchStrap-EG - 2" x 16"

Price/Ea:  $8.75
Price Break Unit Price Extended Price
1 $8.75 $8.75
10 $7.30 $73.00
50 $6.655 $332.75
Price/Ea:  $8.75
Total: $8.75

Rip-Tie® CinchStrap-EG - 2" x 22"

Price/Ea:  $12.00
Price Break Unit Price Extended Price
1 $12.00 $12.00
10 $8.325 $83.25
50 $7.235 $361.75
Price/Ea:  $12.00
Total: $12.00