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Rip-Tie® EconoWrap

Designed for Organizing Cables and Cords for Budget Conscious Users

Rip-Tie® EconoWrap With Nylon Ties

EconoWrap is designed for organizing cables and cords for the professional and home user. Our economical design features a die cut rounded end to make it a snap to loosen. This EconoWrap is durable and can handle at least 2,000 re-fastenings. The permanent, easy to install design means you can't loose it. EconoWrap is a great economical solution to many applications.

Installing Rip-Tie® Econowrap

Step One: Position EconoWrap onto the bundle with fuzzy side away from object.

Step Two: Wrap EconoWrap tightly around the bundle.

Step Three: Installation is complete.


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RK111.0BK - RipTie EconoWrap 1"x11"

Rip-Tie® EconoWrap - 1" x 11"

Price/Ea: $5.50
Price/Ea: $5.50
Total: $5.50
RK17.00BK - RipTie EconoWrap 1"x7"

Rip-Tie® EconoWrap - 1" x 7"

Price/Ea: $4.80
Price/Ea: $4.80
Total: $4.80
RK311.0BK - RipTie EconoWrap 3/4"x11"

Rip-Tie® EconoWrap - 3/4" x 11"

Price/Ea: $4.75
Price/Ea: $4.75
Total: $4.75
RK37.00BK - Rip Tie Econo Wrap 3/4"x7"

Rip-Tie® EconoWrap - 3/4" x 7"

Price/Ea: $4.25
Price/Ea: $4.25
Total: $4.25