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Rip-Tie® Mini

Smallest Reusable Rip-Tie Cable Wrap Available

Rip-Tie® Mini

Perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cords, portable music player earhpone cords, and any small cord bundle, the 1/4" x 3 1/2" Rip-Tie® Mini Cable Wrap removes frustration with small tangled cables in your bag, pocket, home, or car. This mini cable wrap is earth friendly, reusable over 200 times, and durable. Just remove the tie from the package, position near end of cable, insert tail through slot, then push down and fasten securely around bundle or other cords. You'll never be left with an unruly mess of random wires again.

Installing Rip-Tie® Mini

Step One: Detach a Rip-Tie® mini from the package.

Step Two: Position Rip-Tie® mini near end of cable with fuzzy side out. Insert tail through slot.

Step Three: Pull entire length of cable wrap through slot.

Step Four: Push tip (above slot) down to fasten securely.

Step Five: Make up cable bundle, then wrap Rip-Tie® mini around bundle.

Step Six: Press hook and loop together to secure.