Rip-Tie Mini

Smallest Reusable Rip-Tie Cable Wrap Ever

RipTie Mini Beauty
Rip-Tie Mini

Perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cables, portable music player earphone cords, and any small bundle of cables.

Direct replacement for nylon wire ties. Rip-Tie mini is Earth Friendly, it's reusable more than 200 times.

No more frustration with small tangled cables in your bag, your pocket or your car!

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 1

1. Detach a Rip-Tie mini from the package

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 2

2. Position Rip-Tie mini near end of cable with fuzzy side out. Insert tail through slot.

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 3

3. Pull entire length of cable wrap through slot.

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 4

4. Push tip (above slot) down to fasten securely.

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 5

5. Make up cable bundle, then wrap Rip-Tie mini around bundle.

Rip-Tie Mini Installation 6

6. Press hook and loop together to secure.

Size and StyleRip-Tie Mini Cable Ties