EVT-S10BK-TA - RETYZ™ EveryTie - 10" Releasable Tie - 50lb Tensile Strength - Black - 100 Pack - 100 piece pack

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #EVT-S10BK-TA

Product Description

Releasable Cable Ties

Heavy-Duty Strength 6 Inch ties for everyday use; that's what you're getting with the RETYZ WorkTie releasable ties. Designed for arts & crafts, project around the house, in the garden, or the garage.

Regular zip ties have a single-use and then get cut/removed for disposal. That means continuously spending money on new cable ties. That's not the case with The WorkTie Releasable Cable Tie from RETYZ™. This zip tie has been designed with versatility and reusability in mind and can be used and reused numerous times without losing strength or durability. That means adding or removing a cable to your well-managed cable bundles is easier than ever. Need to make some adjustments in your garden? The RETYZ™ Cable tie has you covered. 

LENGTHS: 6", 8", 10", 12", & 14"

COLORS: Black and Natural

TENSILE STRENGTH: 50lbs and 120lbs

Uses & Benefits of Cable Ties

Cable Management: Cable ties are most commonly used for organizing and securing cables. They can be used to bundle cables together, route them along walls or ceilings, or keep them neat and tidy under a desk or behind a home theater system.

Compliance: In some industries, such as construction and electrical work, there are regulations that require cables to be organized and secured properly. Cable ties can help you comply with these regulations.

Automotive: Cable ties can be used in automotive applications to secure cables, hoses, or other components in place.

Gardening: Cable ties can be used to secure plants to trellises or stakes, or to support the growth of new shoots and branches.

Home Improvement: Cable ties can be used to hold together broken items or to temporarily repair items until a more permanent fix can be made.

Arts & Crafts: Cable ties can be used in various crafting projects, such as jewelry making, model building, or creating sculptures.

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Total Price: $27.59

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