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UT Wire® Flexi Ties

Cord organization should be fun and not just work. This was the general concept behind Flexi Ties: the cushioned, colored zip ties in short. Flexi Ties is a cord wrapper with soft cushioning that will bundle cords tightly without cutting into the insulation of cords. We just love how fun it is to use the Flexi Ties to wrap cables. Simply twist to tie and unwind to undo. Scoot over old zip ties; here comes the Flexi Ties.

UT Wire® Q Knot Ties

How can we reuse cable ties? How can we make rubber bands more durable? We put our heads together and answered the two questions with one innovative solution: the Q Knot. A winner of many renowned product design awards around the globe, these reusable cable ties stretch like rubber bands and strap around just about anything like zip ties. Use one or more together for a longer tie. They’re perfect organizing tools for cable management, kitchen storage, general organization, and so much more!

UT Wire® Speedy Wrap Magnetic Cable Wrap

Wrap anything quickly and easily with Speedy Wrap! It’s small and compact and will handle the toughest of jobs, from tough extension cords to jumper cables. Slap, snap, and wrap! Cord management is just that simple with the Speedy Wrap! Inspired by the nostalgic slap band bracelets, this cord wrap combines ease and convenience for organizing medium to large cables bundles from 1.25 to 1.75 inches in diameter. When used, the silicone band naturally curls around and secures wire bundles with its magnet, allowing for effortless cable organizing with one hand. With its durable silicone, you can reuse this cable manager over and over again in homes, offices, garages, and workshops!

UT Wire® Binditz Original Cable Ring

How many rubber bands have been misplaced or torn with frequent use? Struggle no longer with the Binditz, the durable and attachable cord organization solution for neatly storing and managing cables and electronic wires. With three different sizes, the portable Binditz cord wrap handles laptop cables, home entertainment systems, extension cords, and so much more with ease! For thinner cables that the Binditz may slip off of, consider the Binditz Mini!



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