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Wrap-It® Self-Gripping Cable Ties

Easy Cable & Cord Organization

Wrap-It® Self-Gripping Cable Ties

The last thing you need is cable ties with attachment issues. Our Self-Gripping Cable Ties have no commitment issues—they stay attached to your cords. Our mouths water when we see a delicious plate of pasta. But we cry our eyes out when we see a drawer full of cable spaghetti. Quickly go from tangled to tidy with our Self-Gripping Cable Ties. They’re perfect for organizing your cords, cables, wires, and more.

SIZES: 5" and 8"

WIDTH: 0.5"

COLORS: Black or Multicolor

Product Features & Benefits

  • Get Organized: For home, office, and garage organization.
  • Quality Material: Super durable nylon material can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Multi-Purpose and Reusable: Goodbye zip ties, twist ties, and rubber bands.
  • Includes: ten 8-inch x 0.75-inch and ten 5-inch x 0.5-inch cable ties