100-H-17BX - Wrap-It® Easy-Carry Storage Strap - 17" x 2" - Black

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Unit Price: $5.99

Total Price: $5.99

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #100-H-17BX

Product Description

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Wrap-It® Easy-Carry Storage Strap

Cables are just like celebrities. As soon as they become “big” they need a team of personal handlers. We added a sturdy handle to these Heavy-Duty Storage Straps so you can get a firm grip on your hefty cables, cords, hoses, ropes, building materials, plus so much more.

SIZES: 17" x 2"


CAPACITY: Holds up to 50lbs.

Wrap-It® Easy Carry Holding Jumper Cables
Wrap-It® Easy carry Bundling an extension Cord
Wrap-It® Easy Cary Holdin a Yoga Mat

Product Features & Benefits

  • 17-in. size is great for organizing: 50-ft.-100-ft. extension cords, 50-ft. air hoses, 25-ft. garden or water hoses, ski rope, and so much more
  • Multi-Purpose: For more than just cords. We’re looking at you, tools.
  • Weatherproof: Use indoors and outdoors. They fear no element.
  • Holds up to 50 lbs./22.6 kg. Bring on the bicep curls and shoulder shrugs.

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $5.99

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