CableBox Mini

Cable Management in a Mini Design

CableBox Mini
Cable Management Solution

Under the desk, next to the computer, or near your appliances, cable management has never been more fun or easy. Accessory cables will always be tidy and dust free. Simply plug your device into the supplied surge protector then stow away the surplus cable lenghts and close the lid and done! With cable outlets either side, CableBox Mini is ideal for hiding the cords, adapters and small hubs.

CableBox Mini is a smaller version of the ever popular CableBox. This unit is convenient for smaller clusters of cables and includes a short 4-socket surge protector for convenience. Rubber feet prevent it from slipping and bright colors keep in fun on your desk and near your peripherals.

CableBox Mini is ideal for hiding routers cords, adapters and small hubs around your desk area and can be used with or without the included Surge protector. This is a simple solution, ideal for small spaces with big problems.

How It Works
CableBox Mini 1

Take a bunch of messy cords.

CableBox Mini 2

Put that junk in the CableBox.

CableBox Mini 3

Maximize the space. Hide the clutter. Now enjoy the slick look!


How to use the Bluelounge Cablebox Mini is explained in this instructional video created by Wirecare for its customers.

More instructional videos for our various products can be found on's YouTube Page.