C-SASH-RD - Cable Sash - 3ft - Red


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Unit Price: $11.43

Total Price: $11.43

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #C-SASH-RD

Product Description

Cable Sash

The Cable Sash makes it easier than ever to bundle tangled piles of computer or home theater cables into sleek, organized bundles. Made of rugged outdoor-grade nylon fabric, the Cable Sash is simple to use: just wrap it around multiple cables, fasten it lengthwise with its built-in hook-and-loop edging, and cinch it snugly at both ends to keep the Cable Sash from sliding around.

LENGTH: 3 Feet

COLORS: Black, Beige, Blue, Red, & White

  • Rugged outdoor-grade fabric protects cables from abrasion
  • Allows cables to break away from the bundle as needed
  • Perfect for use in the office, or with home theater and stereo equipment
  • Is completely flexible, so it conforms to the path of the cables
  • Requires no fastening to desks or walls, so it doesn't damage surfaces
  • Reduces the likelihood of accidents and protects cables from damage
  • Contains convenient breaks in the fastener so cables can be added to or routed away from the bundle, allowing for flexible configurations and maximum cable coverage
  • Works well almost anywhere, from desktops and tower computers to home theater and stereo setups
  • Is available in a variety of colors to match almost any décor

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Total Price: $11.43

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