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Rialto Power Distribution Raceway

Clean & Safe Solution for Extending Power

Rialto Power & Data Distribution Floor Raceway

If you need a stylish but durable raceway that will fit seamlessly into any environment from a home to a factory, this product makes a great solution. The Rialto™ Power and Data Distribution Floor Raceway brings 6 outlets to an away-from-the-wall location in any facility. They are accessibility compliant and are perfectly safe for pedestrians, handicapped persons, and light cart traffic. In addition to the receptacles, each unit contains a wire channel on either side for data or A/V cabling, and includes clips for securing these wires.

Product Features

  • A great way to safely and discretely run power and networking signals over the floor.
  • Features six power outlets and grooves for running data cables, with built in clips to secure the cables.
  • Low-profile, accessibility compliant design allows easy crossing by pedestrians and wheelchairs.
  • Spill-Proof Technology™ keeps moisture out of the outlets, preventing electrical hazards in case of an accident.
  • Choose between 1-piece unit or modular unit, depending on your application.

Price/Ea:  $57.89
Total: $57.89