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UT Wire® In-Box

With more and more electronics settling into homes and offices, surge protectors and power strips inevitably warp into cable clutter hotspots. For these necessary plug-in points, the In-Box Cable Organizer is a great cable management solution to preserve the visual organization of space. With two side slots and the top flip door, the In-Box Cable Organizer offers three access points for flexible cable directing from the enclosed surge protector. Simply place the surge protector into this cable concealer, arrange the cables out one of the three points, and voilà! From desk cables to TV entertainment systems, where there is a surge protector, this box can organize it!

Product Features & Benefits

  • Hide and store power strips and messy cables inside the In-Box Cable Box Organizer.
  • Access and organize your cables and cords through openings in the left, top, and right sides
  • Organize cords below your desk, next to your computer, or behind your entertainment center and hide all your cords.