Flexo® Mounting System

The Perfect Finishing Solution for Interior Installations


The Flexo Mounting System is engineered to provide a secure and attractive termination solution for interior installations of wire or cable bundles managed with Flexo Sleeving.

The unique system is simple and quick to install into a standard single gang work box without any special tools or skills, and creates a safe and attractive finished product that won't affect the flexibility of the wire bundle.

Unlike cable ties or tape, the Flexo Mounting System doesn't attach directly to the wire bundle, and provides easy access for addition or rework of the existing wiring or cabling.

The FMS system is engineered to work seamlessly with our Flexo PET (1 1/2" & 1 3/4")and Flexo Clean Cut fray resistant (1 1/2") expandable sleeving products.

flexo mounting 1

1. Install the sleeving over your existing wire bundle. Try to closely match the sleeving diameter to your bundle diameter so the bundle is fairly tightly managed. Leave about 2" of additional length to put through to the other side of the finished assembly.

flexo mounting 2

2. Open the metal retaining ring and slide it over your wire bundle.

flexo mounting 3

3. Install the ring INSIDE of the sleeving so that the registration teeth protrude through the sleeving

flexo mounting 4

4. Take one of the locking collar halves and place it over the teeth on the retaining ring. It is important that the teeth of the retaining ring protrude into the appropriate holes in the locking collar. Hold it in place while you align the other half of the locking collar to the locking tabs on the ends of both halves.

flexo mounting 5

5. Squeeze the 2 halves together until both ends snap and lock together. Smooth out the sleeving to allow the wall plate to easily slide up the length of the cable bundle.

flexo mounting 6

6. Slide the wall plate on to the assembly so that the side that faces the wall is against the locking collar. Snap the locking collar over the registration pins on the inside of the wall plate.

Wire Bundling and Cable Organization
flexo mounting installation 1
flexo mounting installation 2

Flexo Mounting System provides a safe and secure solution for bundles of wires exiting a wall into a server room or office space, while allowing easy access for future changes or additions.

  • Installs Without Special Tools
  • Matches Any Interior Decor
  • Allows for Access for Additional Rework
  • Easy Snap-Together Parts

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